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Skepticamp Colorado 2011

Registered Speakers

Speaker Organization Speech Title
Reed Esau    
Bryan and Baxter Rocky Mountain Paranormal Society  
Joel Guttormson Metro State College Early Christian Feminism
Logan Baxter Rocky Mountain Paranormal Society  
Jeffrey Davis Skeptics in the Pub--Fort Collins Cold Reading via Tarot
Norman Schultz Metro State College The Gains and Perils of Secular Morality
Susan Gerbic Monterey County Skeptics / IIG LA My Adventure as a Skeptic Editor
Amy Maass Colorado State University The Economics of Horse Slaughter
Kai Haswell

Colorado State University

How to Argue Effectively
Josiah Haswell Hewlett-Packard  
Cheryl Abbate Colorado State University  
Michael Deschenes Colorado State University  
Wendy Heath    
Mark Edward IIG LA  
Robert Baty Theists FFRF Challenge to IRC 107